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My Philosophy:

I am in the Entertainment Business. My goal is to make people happy. Folks buy home electronics equipment to enjoy TV, movies and music, not to be frustrated by complicated wiring instructions and difficult installations. 

You want it to work, you like it easy, and that’s my passion.

Bob Baker 

Big Box TV installations

Why Us?

Bob's Audio Video Connection - Best of Arlington Award

Over 30 years 

I have been making and keeping customers happy for over 30 years.

There is practically nothing in the home electronics industry that I haven’t seen and worked with; from the old hand crank phonographs, Betamax, 8-Track tapes to Slingbox, media servers, iPods and latest state of the art hi-tech devices. 

Experience gained solving every possible problem encountered over the years has given me an edge that few others can acquire. Attitude with patience and knowing how to get the right answers to the right questions are my strongest virtues.  


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Smartphone is the Remote


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Bob's Audio Video Connection - Bob's A/V

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Simplify your life. Get rid of all the remote controls that clutter your coffee table and save $90 on Bob’s favorite Universal Remote with 2 hours programming and instruction;

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In home diagnostic & system tune

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Total includes tax, trip charge (within 30 min. drive), checking performance of all your equipment, and fixing all of the problems found that can be corrected within the hour. Also includes advice on how best to upgrade your system.

4K TV in your future?

Curves or no Curves?

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