LG’s Award winning 4K OLED TV is so thin it “sticks” to the wall.

LG “wowed” the 2017 Consumer Electronics show walking away with two awards for its insanely thin W-series! To do that, LG had to outdo its own, still-impressive, G6 “Picture on Glass” TVs.

LG’s tagline for the W-series 4K sets: “Picture on Wall” and that — sums up their appeal. At just 2.6mm thin across their entire frame, they can be mounted completely flat against your wall. They look more like a work of modern art than any television I’ve seen. These 65 and 77 inch TV’s are so thin they are only wall mountable! They’re attached to a backing plate by magnets, more info click here.

LG walked away with the Best of The Best at CES 2017. This show-stopping TV now sets the standard of how TVs will be using this amazing OLED technology in the future .

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