Curves or No curves?

The Pros and Cons of Curved Screens v Flat Screen Television

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The “Curved Crowd” says that because of your peripheral vision, you become more immersed in the experience and that you feel a greater depth when watching. They also say that curved screens give you a wider field of view, more uniform viewing from any distance with a more effective viewing angle. The also say that “Curved” offers better contrast than “Flat.”

Not much actual science in any of that, but their final argument in the debate is “but they look so cool!”

The “Anti-Curved Folks” counter all that when they say that the benefits don’t out weigh the extra cost. The Flat Screeners say that the curve exaggerates reflections on the screen, that the curve limits optimum viewing angles and that curved televisions must be enormous for you to get the full benefit. Their final argument is that they look funny hanging on a wall . . . and they cost more.

After you’ve looked at all the Pros and Cons of the Flat versus Curved TV debate, call Bob’s AV to translate all the conflicting data for you. Over three decades, Bob has learned a thing or two about weighing flash against cash and coming up with just the right balance for each of his customers.


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