Universal Remote

Your smartphone is the Controller

Bob's Audio Video Connection - Your smartphone is the controller

Your Cell Phone can be your Audio Video remote controller. Today’s smartphones are used for many different tasks, they are not just a phone AND they are always with us. Why not use it, or even a tablet, as a remote control for your home theater components and home automation systems.

If you are a smartphone or tablet user there are apps springing up almost every day, it seems, that can make operating your home theater system or components easier.

A smartphone or tablet uses your home wireless network to control your devices. An increasing amount of Audio and Video devices are connected to your home network by default and are controllable using standard IP protocol. However, there are still many devices that are not attached to your network. Some of your devices are probably controlled with a traditional IR (infrared) remote control.

Using your phone’s built in IR blaster (or a simple plugin) and connected to an IP-controller via WiFi your smartphone can control everything. You can even control systems and components from a different room, or even when you are away from the house!

Say goodbye to all the different remotes and let’s setup your smartphone to control everything.


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