Sound Bars

Sound Bars

We do Sound Bars too!

Bob's Audio Video Connection - Sound Bars

Sound Bars are the magical inventions that take you light years toward the feel of “surround sound” without the “call-the-banker, get-a-second-mortgage’ cost of a bona fide, multi-channel THX theater system.

These little masters of connectivity bypass the internal television speakers, replacing them with the lovely, rich sound of a tiny, high-tech sound system brilliantly tucked inside a chic, sleek tube that lives just below your screen.

Speaking of masters of connectivity, Bob Baker is the man to help you through the process of choosing the right sound bar for your television and your budget. Even though he makes it all look easy, it’s a complicated process that requires both knowledge and experience.

To get the full benefit of your home entertainment system, call Bob’s Audio Video Connection to help you choose and integrate your new sound bar with your new or existing video equipment.

In these troubled times, there are endless sacrifices and compromises we’re forced to make in life, but everybody deserves a Sound Bar! 


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