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You don’t have to take Bob’s word for it see what the reviewers at 4k.com had to say:

“LG’s B7 OLED 4K HDR TV is without a doubt the cheapest of the company’s newest lineup of OLED models (for 2017). It’s solidly more affordable than the extremely similar C7 model and much more affordable than LG’s E7, G7 and W7 premium OLEDs.

Despite all of these differences in pricing, the performance of the B7 in comparison to its more expensive cousins is remarkably similar, to the point of being virtually equal in all key metrics of performance even when compared against LG’s most expensive and prestigious models like the flagship W7 model. (No we’re not kidding, all of the color, contrast, motion handling and other key display measurements bear out this observation).

In other words, with the B7 LG has created the same ultra-premium display experience you’d find in its very best OLED televisions but at a genuinely consumer-friendly price that doesn’t reach into the thousands of dollars.”



64.5″ screen (measured diagonally)
Ultra High Definition TV with 4K screen resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels)
High Dynamic Range (HDR 10 and Dolby Vision™) for extended picture contrast and brightness when viewing HDR content from connected sources or streamed via the TV’s built-in apps
self-illuminating OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) display panel produces infinite picture contrast and absolute black
4 Color Pixel technology adds an unfiltered white sub-pixel to the traditional red, green, and blue, for vivid colors
10-bit panel can display over one billion colors
Perfect Mastering Engine and 4K Upscaler enhance standard-def and high-def video signals for optimum display on a 4K screen

Video Source Compatibility:

watch streamed 4K video sources like Netflix®, Amazon Instant Video, and YouTube (requires Internet speed of at least 20Mbps)
tuner receives over-the-air HDTV broadcasts (antenna required)
Clear QAM tuner decodes unencrypted digital cable signals up to 1080i without a set-top box (subscription required to receive cable channels)

Smart TV Features:

WebOS 3.5 with built-in web browser
dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi® provides fast, reliable wireless streaming
Netflix Recommended TV — offers a unique feature set that makes Netflix even easier to use and enjoy
video and music streaming from a DLNA-compatible Windows® PC
mobile-to-TV wireless mirroring with Miracast™ enabled phones and tablets
free downloadable apps for iOS® and Android™ let you use a compatible smartphone as a remote control


4 HDMI 2.0a
all inputs are HDCP 2.2 compatible for connecting to a 4K video source
to view 4K and HDR content from connected sources, use a compatible high-bandwidth HDMI cable
1 composite video (use supplied adapter)
RF input for antenna/cable signals
optical digital audio output (can pass Dolby® Digital/DTS multichannel or 2-channel audio from connected sources)
Ethernet port for a fast, reliable wired network connection
3 USB inputs for connecting a thumb drive or other device

General Features:

built-in down-firing speaker system (10 watts x 2)
Bluetooth® wireless audio streaming to a compatible speaker or set of headphones
LG’s surround processing can send Dolby Atmos® audio to an A/V receiver via HDMI/ARC, when using streaming apps like Netflix or Vudu
motion-sensing Magic Remote with built-in microphone for voice control
detachable stand
wall-mountable (bracket not included; LG OTW420B is available)
57-1/8″W x 32-3/4″H x 2″D (34-3/4″H x 9″D on stand)
weight: 58.2 lbs. with stand; 50.9 lbs. without stand

This is the least expensive of the LG OLED line but as all of them use the same panel and video processing the picture quality is as good as the top of the line models. So, although it costs a lot less, this 65″ OLED65B7A will deliver the same spectacular picture as the top of the line models costing thousands of dollars more.

Don’t wait call Bob now and get yours for a great deal 817-905-2919.


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Panasonic’s 65EZ1002 OLED

This is a unique TV in that it can be used both as a professional studio mastering monitor as well as a consumer TV.

Panasonic themselves describe their obsession with accuracy this way:
“Created with filmmakers in Hollywood to meet their own exacting pro standards, our top 4K Pro HDR TV combines next generation OLED screen with our latest image processor, HCX², to deliver color fidelity, contrast & brightness. This “prosumer” model’s Technics tuned integrated soundbar completes the story with & presents a striking visual image.”

Many reviews speak of the outstanding build quality of this TV and the fabulous contrast and color.

Techradar has this to say (edited hi-lights)

“The 65EZ1002 is beautifully built, boasting plenty of heavy duty metal to front and rear, and sitting remarkably rigidly on that innovative soundbar/stand.”

“Remarkably the 65EZ1002’s SD card and USB ports can be used by professional mastering studios to upload their own color look up tables to the TV, making it the first TV that can genuinely do double duty as a mastering (rather than simple reference) monitor. In other words, you could potentially watch a film at home on the very same screen used to master it. How’s that for accuracy?!”

“The 65EZ1002’s smart TV system is pretty to look at, easy to use, and effortless to customize – everything, in other words, that a smart TV interface ought to be.

It’s not the most content rich system in town, perhaps, but I don’t actually think that’s a bad thing. Most of the key TV-centric apps are there (Netflix in 4K HDR, Amazon in 4K HDR, the catch up TV services for the main terrestrial broadcasters via an integrated Freeview Play app), and it’s actually kind of nice not to wade through mountains of dross just to find all the good stuff.

It’s worth adding that since the 65EZ1002 uses Freeview Play to provide its broadcaster catch-up TV services, you can search for shows you’ve missed via an intuitive electronic program guide that scrolls back seven days as well as forwards.

Smart TV TL;DR: Spend a few minutes putting your favorite apps on the home screen, and the 65EZ1002 gives you one of the most straightforward smart TV experiences around.”

With reviews like that why wouldn’t you want one?

I’m Bob and that’s my passion. Call me for a great deal 817-905-2919.


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Who Should Install my Flat Screen TV?

The hero of our story isn’t AV Bob, it’s the guy who called AV Bob to install his Flat Screen TV.

Our happy hero’s super power is amazing decision making skills! When faced with the question of struggling to install his own flat-screen television or call the best TV mounter in the business, in a flash, our guy grabbed the phone to call Bob Baker, the Real AV Bob!

Our hero’s keen eye sight spotted the horror twisted around back of his current TV setup and imagined what a nightmare installing an even more complex setup would be. Bob would be able to install his new flat screen TV and somehow make all the wires and cords simply disappear!

Bob and his crew have seen it all over the 35 years they’ve been installing TVs. Bob’s AV has all the experience, knowledge and tools to mount your flat-panel TV virtually anywhere you can think of, including over the fireplace, standard wall mounting, in the kitchen or bathroom, or outdoors by the pool. In the end, you have a clean and professional flat-screen TV installation that even the woman of the house will be proud of.

Bob Baker is an experienced, licensed and insured professional. He works quickly, charges fair prices and supports all the popular brands.

Bob’s Audio Video Connections services include:

  • Unpacking your LCD, LED or Plasma TV
  • TV Wall Mount Installation
  • Installation and Setup of Cable TV
  • Programming and setup of TV Remote Controller

Oh, and if you don’t have your new TV yet, Bob can make sure you can get a great deal on your television as well. Bob Baker is a dealer in only the best televisions, stereo equipment and AV accessories available.


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LG’s Award winning 4K OLED TV is so thin it “sticks” to the wall.

LG “wowed” the 2017 Consumer Electronics show walking away with two awards for its insanely thin W-series! To do that, LG had to outdo its own, still-impressive, G6 “Picture on Glass” TVs.

LG’s tagline for the W-series 4K sets: “Picture on Wall” and that — sums up their appeal. At just 2.6mm thin across their entire frame, they can be mounted completely flat against your wall. They look more like a work of modern art than any television I’ve seen. These 65 and 77 inch TV’s are so thin they are only wall mountable! They’re attached to a backing plate by magnets, more info click here.

LG walked away with the Best of The Best at CES 2017. This show-stopping TV now sets the standard of how TVs will be using this amazing OLED technology in the future .

Call me. I’m your LG dealer and I am ready to show you how to integrate one of these award-winning TVs into your AV setup.


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OLED TV -What it Is and Why YOU WANT ONE!

OLED is short for Organic Light-Emitting Diode and using little marvels in the new OLED TV’s starts a revolution in television viewing. Basically each pixel is providing its own illumination and is radically different from the old LCD TV’s which are all lit from behind.

To you the viewer, that means blacker blacks, whiter whites, more natural color and phenomenal contrast. When I say this new technology features thinner panels, I mean much, much thinner. These OLED TVs are more like wall paper than television screens! Ultra thin, bigger, lighter screens like this would never have been possible with the old technology.

OLED not only means better image quality, these televisions use less power and have faster response times than traditional LED TVs. OLED TVs get their improved color accuracy and smooth responsive motion from a form factor that’s just a few millimeters in depth! It’s almost magic.

SONY, one of the initial developers of the technology, has announced a new Bravia A1E OLED which combines OLED with other high end technologies making it a superb example of what’s possible in this arena.

Check out the screen demo’s here.

OLED truly is the Next Big Thing in home entertainment and it’s finally reaching a price where the average person can buy one. Call me. I will be glad to answer your questions.

If you are in the market for a new big screen TV don’t let all the technology frustrate you. As I like to say, If you just want it to work and you like it easy, call me Bob Baker.


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Sound Bars

We do Sound Bars too!

Bob's Audio Video Connection - Sound Bars

Sound Bars are the magical inventions that take you light years toward the feel of “surround sound” without the “call-the-banker, get-a-second-mortgage’ cost of a bona fide, multi-channel THX theater system.

These little masters of connectivity bypass the internal television speakers, replacing them with the lovely, rich sound of a tiny, high-tech sound system brilliantly tucked inside a chic, sleek tube that lives just below your screen.

Speaking of masters of connectivity, Bob Baker is the man to help you through the process of choosing the right sound bar for your television and your budget. Even though he makes it all look easy, it’s a complicated process that requires both knowledge and experience.

To get the full benefit of your home entertainment system, call Bob’s Audio Video Connection to help you choose and integrate your new sound bar with your new or existing video equipment.

In these troubled times, there are endless sacrifices and compromises we’re forced to make in life, but everybody deserves a Sound Bar! 


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Curves or No curves?

The Pros and Cons of Curved Screens v Flat Screen Television

Bob's Audio Video Connection - Curved TV

The “Curved Crowd” says that because of your peripheral vision, you become more immersed in the experience and that you feel a greater depth when watching. They also say that curved screens give you a wider field of view, more uniform viewing from any distance with a more effective viewing angle. The also say that “Curved” offers better contrast than “Flat.”

Not much actual science in any of that, but their final argument in the debate is “but they look so cool!”

The “Anti-Curved Folks” counter all that when they say that the benefits don’t out weigh the extra cost. The Flat Screeners say that the curve exaggerates reflections on the screen, that the curve limits optimum viewing angles and that curved televisions must be enormous for you to get the full benefit. Their final argument is that they look funny hanging on a wall . . . and they cost more.

After you’ve looked at all the Pros and Cons of the Flat versus Curved TV debate, call Bob’s AV to translate all the conflicting data for you. Over three decades, Bob has learned a thing or two about weighing flash against cash and coming up with just the right balance for each of his customers.


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4K TV in your future?

Bob's Audio Video Connection - Sony 4K TV

You know you want one, but why? More Pixels, of course. The higher the number of pixels, you think to yourself, the more lifelike the picture. Sounds right, but is it right for you?

Do we really need 8 MILLION pixels to fully enjoy all that chiffon on Dancing With The Stars? Oh, heck yeah we do! There is however the proverbial catch, a great 4K television experience requires not only a great 4K TV, but great 4K content. One more thing, unless your comfy recliner is up close to your great 4K TV, you still won’t see every bead and sequin. Our eyes have a finite capacity for definition.

Bob Baker knows electronics like the back of his hand. All you want is a great viewing experience that will make your neighbors green with envy and Bob thinks you deserve to have what you want.

Bob’s goal is to make people happy and Bob’s been making them happy with their entertainment systems for 30 years. Complicated wiring instructions and difficult buying decisions just frustrate people. If you just want it to work and you like it easy, call Bob Baker.
Don’t even think about buying your 4K TV without calling Bob. The man is passionate about this stuff and he has all the answers.


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