3D is here


All the hype and buzz in the industry now is that 3D is here!

The major TV manufacturers are putting their latest and greatest technology into these brand new sets. They are the top of the line, and most expensive sets available.

Some buyers look at difference in price between the next model down in the line and think, why should I pay extra for this new feature? I don’t know if I really want 3D. These folks either haven’t seen it in person yet, or are thinking I don’t want to wear glasses.

But, there is more than just 3D capability that distinguishes these top sets: They have the highest scan rates the best resolution, network capability and more inputs and menu features even a better remote. Even watching regular movies without glasses on a new 3D TV is still worth the difference. The current promotion to get the 3D Blu Ray player with a movie and 2 pair of glasses for free is the final equalizer. So when asked why? I say why not. Get the best! You will love it even if you don’t have any 3D movies yet. Hollywood and all the top movie producers are going to pouring out all their new blockbuster movies like Avatar in 3D. If you are buying a new TV today, you have to look at 3D. It reminds me of when DVD first came out and everyone was saying, what about my VCR?

Get over it, 3D is happening.


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