About Us

I started in the AV business in 1971 as a store manager for Radio Shack through 1981, then as sales floor and training manager for Videoland and The Federated Group through 1988. 

Bob’s Audio/Video Connection (aka Bob’s A/V) began in March of 1988. In the early years I focused on TV antennas and stereo speakers installed throughout the house, the big (10 Ft) satellite dish systems and Home Audio-Video systems (hooking VCRs to stereos). In the 1990’s I began to do a lot of Direct TV and 5 channel Dolby Surround Sound with big screen TVs.  

I keep several local churches, restaurants and sports-bars’ sound systems working and perform commercial installations (i.e. Bobby Valentine’s, Billy Miner’s, Friday’s, etc.). Some of my best customers are the local motels where I maintain TV antenna and satellite distribution and I do some wiring work for a couple of custom builders.

The home electronics industry is changing once again to new HD projectors & flat-screens TVs. New challenges include integrating home computer networks with TV, satellite, cable and internet and in some situations whole-house control systems and universal remotes.  

I take care of customers that use Cable, U-verse, VIOS, DirectTv, Dish Network,  and of course my off-air antenna customers. I try to convince all of my customers to have a local TV antenna as a backup for rainstorms or watching two programs at once (or when the cable bill gets too high).


2,000+ Customers 

You will find Bob’s A/V in the Yellow Pages under Antennas, Satellite Systems and Home Theater. I have over 2000 customers referring me to their friends and family. Now that some of them are surfing the web, and are checking Google for price comparisons and shopping online, I figure it is time to get a web page, so they can find me there, too.

I compete for sales with all the local retail electronics stores, such as Fry’s, Best Buy, Costco and Wal-Mart. Regardless of where my customers purchased it, I am happy to install their products. Some of them just want their old equipment to work correctly regardless of brand or age. I have customers with old turntables, VCRs, MP3 players, IPods, Windows 7 Media Centers, Sling Boxes, DVRs, 3-D Blu-Ray players and TiVo’s who all call on me to get their stuff working like it’s supposed to.


My philosophy is: 

I am in the Entertainment Business. My goal is to make people happy. Folks buy home electronics equipment to enjoy TV, movies and music, not to be frustrated by complicated wiring instructions and difficult installations. They want it to work, they like it easy, and that is my job.