4K TV in your future?

Bob's Audio Video Connection - Sony 4K TV

You know you want one, but why? More Pixels, of course. The higher the number of pixels, you think to yourself, the more lifelike the picture. Sounds right, but is it right for you?

Do we really need 8 MILLION pixels to fully enjoy all that chiffon on Dancing With The Stars? Oh, heck yeah we do! There is however the proverbial catch, a great 4K television experience requires not only a great 4K TV, but great 4K content. One more thing, unless your comfy recliner is up close to your great 4K TV, you still won’t see every bead and sequin. Our eyes have a finite capacity for definition.

Bob Baker knows electronics like the back of his hand. All you want is a great viewing experience that will make your neighbors green with envy and Bob thinks you deserve to have what you want.

Bob’s goal is to make people happy and Bob’s been making them happy with their entertainment systems for 30 years. Complicated wiring instructions and difficult buying decisions just frustrate people. If you just want it to work and you like it easy, call Bob Baker.
Don’t even think about buying your 4K TV without calling Bob. The man is passionate about this stuff and he has all the answers.


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